Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a day!

Woke up at eight am after hitting the snooze on my alarm like a million times. ok got up and noticed that my right arm was seriously hurting from trying to give blood yesterday and and also my tummy was hurting from a gym abs class i had a day before, which i need as my tummy is like that of a pregnant woman. all i needed was to take some medicine but i couldn't because i had a spiritual plan for the day....painful.

Class was kind of fun, got to class early, my first lecture was from a lecturer who taught foundations of occupational therapy and was always sacarstic, so i was able to laugh over the pain a little and while laughing, i was feeling the pains in my tummy. went back to my room after my last class and had a great nap after taking some pain killers and woke up great only to get back to assignmens and stuff.

I have something bothering me, is it wrong for a woman to be head of a congregation? if you have an answer just post a comment please. Thanks God bless.

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Anonymous said...

i love to hit my alarm clock too