Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ramblings of numb thumbs

Hello all,

I just felt like i need to put something up here so that my blog does not go into idle again! This is going to serve as my therapy session for the past month or so!! dont get me wrong I don see a shrink or anything, i just like to vent once in a while.

So why do you D choose never to clean up where we call our abode, you just choose to ignore it or do you feel it is ur right??

I have so many things on my mind and i still get back and have to deal with that mess,that gbish is not cool, I over look it because of God's word. God is Love and I dont want to make the same mistake twice in my life. God help me.

So why do you Kay, never want to hear anything that is against your thought process, You take it in at that moment and bring it up later as a form of defense mechanism against someone that wants the best for you?? I guess as you have learnt from your past mistakes you will continue to learn by mistakes unless you reconfigure yourself to be open minded and ask God to give you discerning spirit to know what to follow and what not to follow? God gave us two ears and one mouth for obvious reasons. nuff said.

So I wish we had a better relationship while we were on our way to this stage in our various lives but i guess that is something we have to learn to acknowledge and live with for the rest of our lives. Now I wonder if what she has bin telling me is the truth or maybe she i just a liar. I wish you the best and I hope you have a great life ahead. God knows i tried my best.

I know God was trying to teach me something by making me not pass that test, 18 points away and now i have to look for half of 100 dozens to take it again.

What life is all about! one advice I have for you that is reading this is that you should set your mind to having a FOREVER MIND. details in my next post. Peace.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life as I know it!!

Life as i know it:
I have not been on here for a minute, I have just being very occupied with comepleting my Master's program, Preparing and going through with my sister's wedding and also preparing and taking my NBCOT Occupational therapy board examination. It has been a long 2 months and some weeks I must say.
The end of my School program was a success and I must give all glory to Almighty God for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding he gave me through the two years I was in grad school for, thank you Lord.

My sister's wedding was also a great one, God made it successful, It was not an extravagant wedding but it was Successful. People came from all over the world had fun, the couple had fun, everything went as planned, people were there very late!! If not that what else constitutes a successfull ceremony?? It was great!! I miss her alot tho *sobs*

After the wedding, I started preparing for my board exam, I started getting nervous when i Was not getting very high on my practice exam annd then i talked to some of my class mates and they said they did not all pass the practice exams but they passed the Board itself, that relieved me a little but did not take off the stress. But with prayers and supplications I was not too stressed out towards the end of the prep period and during the exam. I thank God for his wisdom and grace.

Now to the next step, looking for a job, I pray God grants me the job that will not take me away from serving him. Amen.
What is up with other people, hope life is treating Y'all great!!

Talk to you all later.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

9th least stressful job in the U. S. A

A Basic Overview
Occupational therapy (OT) is the 9th least stressful job in the U. S. A. According to a recent “U.S. News and World Report.” Occupational therapists work with disabled people to help them be more independent in daily life. Disabilities can be due to stroke or other medical condition, as well as congenital.
Patience and superior interpersonal skills are essential qualities of an occupational therapist. Many times clients will balk at doing therapy exercises at home (or even during therapy). They may become frustrated and angry that recovery is not coming as fast as they had hoped. This is where the OT must listen to and encourage the patient along the road to recovery.
Necessary Education
To work as an OT, an individual must have completed an accredited master’s program including a minimum of 24 hours of field work. After coursework is completed, the national licensing exam must be taken by all OTs wanting to practice. Successfully passing the exam gives the OT the right to add “Occupational Therapist Registered” or OTR after his or her name and signals to future employers and patients that the occupational therapist understands and is able to apply knowledge to the people requiring therapy.
Bachelor’s degrees are usually held in the sciences, liberal arts or social sciences, such as anthropology or psychology. Master’s degree classes include behavioral science, physical and life science, along with learning the application of the skills being learned.
At the present moment, there are no too many occupational therapy programs at the master’s level and even fewer at the doctoral level. The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) has approved just 150 masters and combined bachelor/master’s degree programs and only four doctoral programs…
The top OT programs in the United States, according to “US News and World Report” are, from one to five: Boston College – Sargent, Washington University – St. Louis, USC University of Illinois – Chicago, Tufts – Boston, University of Kansas Medical Center.
Predicted Job Growth 2008-2018
Ranked in the top 50 best careers of 2010 by “U.S. News and World Report, ” occupational therapy as a field is projected to grow much faster than average.
A significant increase in job growth, 26%, is projected between 2008-2018. Just 105,000 OTs were working in 2008. In 2018, 131,300 OTs are expected to be working.
Average Earnings
The predominant location for occupational therapists to work is in hospitals. Other settings include schools, home health care services, self-employed in private practice, nursing homes and mental health/addiction facilities.
The median salary in 2008 for an OT was $67,780 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Top paid OTs made over $98,000 and the most poorly paid OTs made less than $42,000 a year.
Home health care services pays therapists well with a median salary of $74,510 every year. Nursing homes pay OTs less well at $72,790. School districts pay occupational therapist even less at $60,020 a year. In the future the occupational therapy jobs will be most abundant and will likely pay the best are jobs working with the elderly.
With the ever-increasing focus on health and medicine, occupational therapy jobs and travel nurse jobs are available around the world for qualified professionals.

entire post from here

As for me i do support the article all the way, I have not regretted my career choice for one day, and the fact thatt i can change settings and populations i work with when i want is totally awesome. Hope you guys are having a great week.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Awake, in the middle of the night thinking of life and its ups and downs, should i pray? should i go back to sleep, should i call someone and rant, should i go eat icecream??

why are they showing stuff on T.V about "can humans find happiness". Can i find happiness now without being rich? can i find hapiness in my relationships? when I am rich where will i look for more hapiness?
How do we really define hapiness? how do u know u have achived hapiness? What is happiness??

I jjust need to breakdown and cry, express myself to someone, but who will i trust? deep tots.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


hello out there!!

How is every one doing? i have been away for a long time because of rotations, it is kinda tough i must say, it is challenging, as well educative. I have learnt a lot from my rotation site, even tho my supervisor and I were having a rough relationship at first. now it has gottten better, now when i look back at what was causing it, I realize that it was 2 people's ego clashing together, hers was that she wanted to boss me around and tell me what to do and not to do (which would have been right if she did not put so much authority into it and made it a learning and correction atmosphere), my ego was just pride, useless pride, in which I am still praying to God to help me subdue. Thank God for his mercies.
Ok, July is looking like an ugly month for me in the sense that i have so many things due in such little time, arrggghh, i know i will feel so much better after the month is over, but for now i will just need to suck it up and face my giants.

I have been struggling a lot and i mean a lot with my christian life, i have been there i know what God can do for me, but now getting back to where i used to be has bin a very veryy tough ride. I struggle with a lot of things, try to fight it but just find my self falling back to where I was before. there are many issues i need to pray about ask God for directions, but sometimes i feel like i am not worthy enough for him to listen to me. God help me.

I have lost touch with keeping up with naija entertainment news, blogs and all things naija, well still up to date with some music, thanks to notjustOk, but for the rest, i just dont have the time. i feel saddened by this, but hey life goes on.

I will try to continue to update but if not, will be back sometime soon. Peace.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dagrin and my in

ok as we all know, Nigerian music industry was hit on the 22nd of april by the sad news of the death of Dapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, aka Da Grin. He was 23 years old and had survived an accident that occured eight days earlier. he was admitted to the intensive care unit of Lagos university Teaching Hospital while in coma, but gradually came out of it and became vocal. People prayed for him and hoped he would get better but unfortunately he did not survive.

According to people around him his last words were "tell my fans i love them" ..DEEP STUFFS

Anyways people that rescued him from the site of the accident said that alcohol might have been a major factor left out of the story told to the general public. It was believed that Dagrin was drunk and also that the Maxima in which he was the driver had a bottle of alcohol in it when the crash happened. Sad sad.

I was reallly hurt by the story of his death and i was begining to ask God why he let it happen, that why did He let Travis baker survive a plane crash, let curtis Jackson survive 9 gun shots and not let this young man survive...but after i heard of the alcohol side of the story, i am now neutral and remorseful for the questions i have asked. God please forgive me.

I feel there is not enough campaign in Nigeria about the dangers of drunk driving, they need to campaign more about the dangers, spread the word, discourage it and reduce the amount of youth we loose each year to the demon called alcohol.

I know alcohol can be addictive and makes you free from worries, but is only for a while, it impairs ur judgement, makes u do stupid things and detroys your body organs, then if i may ask what is the benefit?? I wont say i have not drank before but i stopped when i was like 17, because of laws and because God gave me the wisdom to know that is is not good.

I think this incident should be an avenue for the alchohol companies in Nigeria to come together as one and agree on something and reduce the amount of youths we loose to alchohol.

Agree with the family, pay an amount use his story as a lesson and help the youths, it will go a long way, my two cents.

Rotation and Graduation

well well, good day to all of you my Blog family, i know i have been out of touch for a very long time and i have not been updating my blog, but i must say it is my fault, i apologise. I have not stretched myself enough on my capabilities and potentials, and from now i am determined to stretch myself to the limits no matter how tough or inconviniencing it might be to me, i will do it. One thing I read that made me think so was "most old people only regret what they did not do". so that means almost everything they engaged in, did not cause any regrets for them.. i will enagage myself in more and more things now so i dont or at least minimally have regrets when i am older!! If you have being thinking along this line too, one book i would advice you to read is "BE ALL YOU CAN BE, BY JOHN C. MAXWELL" an excellent motivational book, I am not done reading it but i know i will finish it soon, my goal, my determination.

My clinicals for my school is composed of 2 twelve weeks rotations and i am in the 12th week of the first one and i must say it is challenging, i love the fact that most of the job entails thinking on the spot and analyzing each and every of our daily activities in bits and my job i must say. OK so my rotations have been good and i have seen so many people, worked with so many people, learnt so many things and i have been exposed to so many diagnoses and surgeries.

Most of the people i work with are older people from like age 21 to 97, the youngest i have ever worked with was 9 yrs old and she was in the hospital because she got burnt while trying to prepare french fries, sad ini't but hey she did not die and did not get life threatining burns, so thank God for that.

I have lost some of the patients that i have worked with, when i say lost, as in they died. one of the ones that touched me the most was one old lady that was like 94 or so and she was admitted to the ICU, started getting better and then i started working with her, she was very weak and fraile. I enjoyed working with her because she always smiled and at one point we danced together with our hands while she was seated tho, i enjoyed that session but sad enough she died the next day. so many other stories, i dont have the heart to share.

So my graduation is next week, WHOOOO HOOOO!!!
i am so looking forward to it, i am so excited, it is not even funny. Just some random facts about this graduation.
1: my first ever graduation since high school graduation in 2002
2: my degree is a Masters
3: i am the only boy finishing from the program in the whole state.
4: i love my career choice!!!
5: Most of all, I am totally thankful to God for his mercies, peace and favour he constantly bestows on me. THANK YOU LORD!!

So i know that was a long piece but i wish i was a constant blogger so it wont be this long, *sigh* but from now on, i will try my best. *fingers crossed*

Thank you all for stopping by, you make my typing worthwhile. Gracias.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sign language

Hello blog world,
How are you all and how is life with y'all in general, as for me God has being Good to me and I have being looking up to His face to continue to guide me. Amen
I have started counting down to my first ever college graduation, I am so excited, you have no idea, I am like out of space excited!!!!
Well as part of my program I have to do some clinicals which we call Level II fieldworks, I have to do 2 - 3 months in different settings.
The first one which I started last week monday, is being done in an acute care setting, for those that don't know,
" an acute care setting is a branch of tertiary health-care where necessary treatment of a disease for only a short period of time in which a patient is treated for a brief but severe episode of illness. Many hospitals are acute care facilities with the goal of discharging the patient as soon as the patient is deemed healthy and stable, with appropriate discharge instructions."

so as Occipational Therapist's we see them after maybe surgery, intensive care units treatments or when they come out of comas, we plan and work with them to make them get back to their prior level of ADL functioning and help them plan and implement their move for discharge to their homes or other healthcare facilities, because we see most of them between 3 to 11 days. short and brief if you ask me. I am loving it and looking forward to learning something new daily..

Ok so last week i met the cutest couple ever, the guy came into the hospital for a hip replacement surgery because his hip could not carry his weight anymore.( i know Obesity and this country) so we were to see him and educate him on precautions to consider while his healing process is going on, and he and his wife were both in love and smilling. they were so cute together, the thing that facinated me about them was that they were both deaf and they were married and still able to communicate their love through sign language, she even cried the first time he walked.....*sigh* true love. we as OTs communicated with them with the help of an interpreter.

this is just to say Love has no boundaries Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres and to add to that it has no language.

In the spirit of valentine, think of that and have a great week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


why is this girl doing this?
she knew it would not work out, she knew she had a boyfriend, she pretended, lied, cheated on her Boyfriend, faked and most of all showed herself as a figure of dishonor to me, now she just disgusts me.
Why would you in the first place deceieve all of us, lie to your parents, your aunties, uncles cousin (which i believe knows the truth), dang the list is too long.
I was really going to see if we could make it work out for both of us again and i knew it was trust that i was lacking for you, i still like you, well almost everything about you, just trust because you deceived me in the past. i was trying to see how we can make it work, talked to you and you even promised, but u had a different motive, you never dissapoint sha.
I feel like calling you very many names and insults but i never feel great after i insult someone and i know you will be someone's wife and some kids' mother someday. so I will just preserve the tiny little dignity i perceive you have left and try not to see you as a slut on this day and on your wedding day but see you as someone's daughter and wife.
Make sure you invite me for that day and i will surely come by God's grace. Now that you have gone back to him, wat do you really want from me?? travel? money? wat is it? no clue but i know one day i will find out. this is not a bitter post i just have one regret, i should have never listened to your plea and just kept you as a friend...I will still continue to call you ENIGMA anyday.

Photo fo the week..

A guy walks into the bedroom with a sheep on a leash and says,

"Honey, this is the cow I make love to when you have a headache."

The wife, lying in the bed reading a book, looks up and says,

"If you weren't such an idiot, you'd know that's a sheep, not a cow."

The guy replies,

"If you weren't such a presumptuous bitch,

you'd realize I was talking to the sheep."

Have a good laff

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maga no need pay!!!

This video is an advocacy project product to the youths of Nigeria, to enlighten them on the need for them not to get involved with or in Cyber crime and online fraud and engage in positive online activities. the project is entitled the B.L.I.N.G. project which was initiated by Ohimai Godwin Amaize, an ambassador of the Microsoft Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria (MISSPIN) a joint campaign by Microsoft and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN).

B: Brilliant
L: Legitimate
I: Inspired
N: Nigerian
G: Great

I think this is a great initiative project:

Lyrics follow the video.


Echo: Eh!...Eh!...Eh!...Eh-Eh!...
Maga no need pay!
For me to buy correct motor,

For me to take make my dough,
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!
Maga no need pay!

Verse 1: Omawumi

Reminiscing as I walk to my car,
Thinking about how it used to be,

For Ekpoma, I dey ride okada and most times I dey soak garri,
I wanted to change the way I lived
But I didn’t have to do those things.

Now I’m rolling VIP
And all the girls wanna be like me, yeah...

Verse 2: Modele
You ask me how I deal with my reality,
Gotta tell you truly it ain’t easy, no!

I feel the pressure to find something wrong to do
Then I remember you reap what you sow!
Now I’m sitting staring at the screen of my computer,
I’m thinking really hard about what truly matters,
What with all these data, just to catch a maga,
It could have been my father, or someone else’s brother

Chorus: Banky W, Cobhams Asuquo & Omawumi
Maga no need pay!
For me to buy correct motor,

For me to take make my dough
Maga no need pay!

No need for me to go cafe
I hustle hard to make my pay
Maga no need pay
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo (to do Yahoo-Yahoo)

Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!
Maga no need pay!
Eh! Eh!...Eh! Eh!

Verse 3: Banky W

Seven in the morning, it’s a brand new day
Eyes still swelling, still at the cafe
Hustling real hard from Sunday to Sunday
Hoping someday that maga will pay

But maga no need pay
For me to live correct
They call me Mr. Capable, I gat my self-respect
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo for me to cash a cheque
I don’t need no maga, just work harder now

Verse 4: Bez
Tell me what a boy like me should do

Thought I heard the guys that rule do Yahoo-Yahoo
And if I do not do it I’m uncool
I’ll be a fool to the girls in school
But maga no need pay to get a good degree,

Or have a great opportunity
Don’t have to hack and attack,
Make use of CD cracks
We’re keepin’ it original, now you know my swag

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5: Rooftop MCs (Soulsnatcha & Sokleva)

Twale officer!
What’s the problem sir?

Or there’s a law against cruising in a Range sir?

I don’t know what you think we are,
Cos we roll in fancy car?
We’re making the sweet money,
I call it the candy bar.

All those wey maga pay,
Where dem dey today?
I’m straight no deceit,
My money get receipt!


I don’t mess with cybercrimes,
But I make the cypher rhyme.
I get paid for my time,
Don’t need to scam a dime!

Verse 6: Wordsmith

I’m your role model’s role model,
There’s no second guessing whom...
Wordsmith was made to make you change like a dressing room.
I’m living proof that there’s dignity in labour,
My bars is life imprisonment and this is hard labour.

Verse 7: MI
My father said I was a star before I ever spit a bar,
He said when you travel far,

Don’t forget who you are.
Represent Nigeria,
Represent for Africa.
Even when the things were hard,
I place my future in my God, (Yes, yeah)
See my nation’s reputation suffers much condemnation,
This’ our situation.
Are we cybercrime criminals? No!
We are the mineral resources of our fatherland,
We must rise and take the stand.
Every day heroes are born,
All stereotypes are torn.
Things we did to cause us harm,
We off that and now we on,
Hard work, positivity,
Truth, reliability
Expose your ability,
Change our reality,

That’s word! (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Repeat Chorus 2ice

Outro with chorus in the background: MI

Yeah, yeah...listen everybody,
Put your BLING up right now!
BLING in this case means we’re Brilliant, we’re Legitimate, we’re Inspired, we’re Nigerian and we’re Great!
It means that we do not have to do anything that we ought not to do to make money y’all!
We just gatto apply ourselves and work hard and be creative and innovative.
Be truly Nigerian.
We will get there, y’all!
Chorus till fade

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today is a new day, i was kinda busy through the whole day, watching movies and trying to chillax small. ok i am not on Facebook but i am on Twitter, and i go tru some peoples' statuses and i cannot help but crack up all the time. here are some of them.


>>>Girl!If the neighbours aint complaining,u aint screaming enough!!!

>>Pls if u ve man boobs & look 3months pregnant stay away from tight Ralph Lauren polos lol

>>The girl nxt to me just drank d whole bottle of wine meant for d table lol

>> I used to be a cross-dresser until I had therapy for it. Now I can get dressed quite happily

More to come, have a blessed Sunday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hello blog world, how has everyone been...i know i have being out for a very looooooooooong time, i am soo sorry, but if we break it down really it is not my fault i have being mad busy with school, travelling, finding myself, increasing my knowledge of some things, looking for a spouse and so on.

Ok i am mad excited this week is the last week of classes for me, at least for now, someone shout AMEN.. i am toooo excited, i ask myself so many questions,
  • how does it feel to graduate
  • when i get my awards what will i say, will i tell them i am Nigerian?? abi make i just keep queit when that mumu muttalab don spoil ground so.
  • will i be too excited to celebrate??
  • then is it back to the work force again now??

for those of you that dont know i am working on my Masters in Health Sciences (OT) and i can say nothing but I LOVE IT!!! cant wait to be practical with it.


Ok last year God blessed me so much that i cannot recount my blessings, He has being so good to me, i went to places i did not think i would reach even without working and getting a paycheck, Amazing init??

even during all my visits to all those cities, except for one, i did not have to pay for accomodation AT ALL, is that not favour, THANK GOD. i will not list all the places i went to but one place i enjoyed the most and would go back in a heartbeat if i had the chance was the great land of Nigeria, nna that city called Lagos is a place to be anytime.

the city although still struggling with electricity and crime and indisciplined people, it is a great place to be.

  • ok people went clubbing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, is that not insane??? yeap they did it, popping bottles like it was coke, one pplace i went to that i enjoyed was KOKOLOUNGE which from the name you will know belongs to DBANJ, it is not a large place but it is on point, comedy night every wednesday and so many other things, lovely place.

  • ok the governor Raji Fashola, is doing good, i went from Ikorodu to festac to visit someone and back under 3 hours even with staying over at the person's house for over 30 mins, i used to know that road and if u had to do anything after Oshodi, u had to dedicate the whole day to the trip but now, see how fast it went, really impressed me.

  • there were traffic lights in places that seemed important to have them, but the problem with them was that when there was power failure they did not work, and that meant traffic everwhere because of impatient people.

  • ok one thing that got on my last nerve was customer service in public places and banks most especially, chei, they have terrible customer service in banks, especially a big bank,, which i will not mention their names. I went in to take out some money and they weree treating me like i was coming in to beg for money or something, i was so pissed off GAA LEE, not to talk of other customers, who do not even give u privacy space when u are banking, they are all up in your space and all up on your behind, i felt like a rape victim, harrased and treated bad on top my own money (no offence to rape victims).

ok so i came back to the airport people harrasing me because of that MUMU MUTTALAB, why would u want to blow up yourself with so much faaji (parry life) in lagos and abuja, that was a foolish decision, at least if u feel like being wasted go there and spend ur papa money. Nonsense and Ingredients.

ok so i came back to real life and now school is almost over, cant wait, just cant, i remember when i got in and now i am almost out??? Thank you Lord. i will try my best ot continue to update sha, hope every one is doing great thos, have a blessed week ahead.