Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dagrin and my in

ok as we all know, Nigerian music industry was hit on the 22nd of april by the sad news of the death of Dapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, aka Da Grin. He was 23 years old and had survived an accident that occured eight days earlier. he was admitted to the intensive care unit of Lagos university Teaching Hospital while in coma, but gradually came out of it and became vocal. People prayed for him and hoped he would get better but unfortunately he did not survive.

According to people around him his last words were "tell my fans i love them" ..DEEP STUFFS

Anyways people that rescued him from the site of the accident said that alcohol might have been a major factor left out of the story told to the general public. It was believed that Dagrin was drunk and also that the Maxima in which he was the driver had a bottle of alcohol in it when the crash happened. Sad sad.

I was reallly hurt by the story of his death and i was begining to ask God why he let it happen, that why did He let Travis baker survive a plane crash, let curtis Jackson survive 9 gun shots and not let this young man survive...but after i heard of the alcohol side of the story, i am now neutral and remorseful for the questions i have asked. God please forgive me.

I feel there is not enough campaign in Nigeria about the dangers of drunk driving, they need to campaign more about the dangers, spread the word, discourage it and reduce the amount of youth we loose each year to the demon called alcohol.

I know alcohol can be addictive and makes you free from worries, but is only for a while, it impairs ur judgement, makes u do stupid things and detroys your body organs, then if i may ask what is the benefit?? I wont say i have not drank before but i stopped when i was like 17, because of laws and because God gave me the wisdom to know that is is not good.

I think this incident should be an avenue for the alchohol companies in Nigeria to come together as one and agree on something and reduce the amount of youths we loose to alchohol.

Agree with the family, pay an amount use his story as a lesson and help the youths, it will go a long way, my two cents.

Rotation and Graduation

well well, good day to all of you my Blog family, i know i have been out of touch for a very long time and i have not been updating my blog, but i must say it is my fault, i apologise. I have not stretched myself enough on my capabilities and potentials, and from now i am determined to stretch myself to the limits no matter how tough or inconviniencing it might be to me, i will do it. One thing I read that made me think so was "most old people only regret what they did not do". so that means almost everything they engaged in, did not cause any regrets for them.. i will enagage myself in more and more things now so i dont or at least minimally have regrets when i am older!! If you have being thinking along this line too, one book i would advice you to read is "BE ALL YOU CAN BE, BY JOHN C. MAXWELL" an excellent motivational book, I am not done reading it but i know i will finish it soon, my goal, my determination.

My clinicals for my school is composed of 2 twelve weeks rotations and i am in the 12th week of the first one and i must say it is challenging, i love the fact that most of the job entails thinking on the spot and analyzing each and every of our daily activities in bits and my job i must say. OK so my rotations have been good and i have seen so many people, worked with so many people, learnt so many things and i have been exposed to so many diagnoses and surgeries.

Most of the people i work with are older people from like age 21 to 97, the youngest i have ever worked with was 9 yrs old and she was in the hospital because she got burnt while trying to prepare french fries, sad ini't but hey she did not die and did not get life threatining burns, so thank God for that.

I have lost some of the patients that i have worked with, when i say lost, as in they died. one of the ones that touched me the most was one old lady that was like 94 or so and she was admitted to the ICU, started getting better and then i started working with her, she was very weak and fraile. I enjoyed working with her because she always smiled and at one point we danced together with our hands while she was seated tho, i enjoyed that session but sad enough she died the next day. so many other stories, i dont have the heart to share.

So my graduation is next week, WHOOOO HOOOO!!!
i am so looking forward to it, i am so excited, it is not even funny. Just some random facts about this graduation.
1: my first ever graduation since high school graduation in 2002
2: my degree is a Masters
3: i am the only boy finishing from the program in the whole state.
4: i love my career choice!!!
5: Most of all, I am totally thankful to God for his mercies, peace and favour he constantly bestows on me. THANK YOU LORD!!

So i know that was a long piece but i wish i was a constant blogger so it wont be this long, *sigh* but from now on, i will try my best. *fingers crossed*

Thank you all for stopping by, you make my typing worthwhile. Gracias.