Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prodigal son!

Good Day guys!
Happy new year X 3..lol. hope everyone is doing great. It has been a long time I have been on here to post anything at all. I have been through alot  ups, downs. love, hurt, happiness and some not so great memories but i choose to always hold on to the stronger and happy memories, because those are the ones that count, the rest her just lessons to enhance the good ones. God has been graceful to me, I have not been the best i can be but He has been GREAT to me, this i know.

I have started my career as an Occupational therapist. It has been great, thank God. Working is always fulfilling when you see people get better with the education and training you give to them. I love my CAREER!! i thank God for His wisdom daily and every second. I am eternally grateful. Thank you LORD!
The only thing I don't like about the job is the paperwork aspect of the job, with the new healthcare reform law it is becoming more and more strenuous to keep up with providing adequate healthcare services to the patient and complete the necessary paperwork in time without cutting into your private time. That is a topic for another day and post.

Anyways, Life has been great thank God. I am an uncle to the most beautiful girl under 10 years old, she is growing up so fast and I love her SO MUCH, My sister, who just turned 12 is the most beautiful girl I know in the next decade, she is so becoming a woman so fast that i struggle to keep up and then my sister who is married is Totally out of this world and is the most all round person i know in the next decade, I know my brother in law married a great woman. I am never jealous but I am convinced that he is the luckiest man on earth right now, well until i get married then he would have to move to NO. 2...lol, no hard feelings.

I miss blogging, i miss expressing myself, i will try my best to come back to be diligent and continue, it might not be long posts but I will make efforts to be on here.