Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today is a new day, i was kinda busy through the whole day, watching movies and trying to chillax small. ok i am not on Facebook but i am on Twitter, and i go tru some peoples' statuses and i cannot help but crack up all the time. here are some of them.


>>>Girl!If the neighbours aint complaining,u aint screaming enough!!!

>>Pls if u ve man boobs & look 3months pregnant stay away from tight Ralph Lauren polos lol

>>The girl nxt to me just drank d whole bottle of wine meant for d table lol

>> I used to be a cross-dresser until I had therapy for it. Now I can get dressed quite happily

More to come, have a blessed Sunday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hello blog world, how has everyone been...i know i have being out for a very looooooooooong time, i am soo sorry, but if we break it down really it is not my fault i have being mad busy with school, travelling, finding myself, increasing my knowledge of some things, looking for a spouse and so on.

Ok i am mad excited this week is the last week of classes for me, at least for now, someone shout AMEN.. i am toooo excited, i ask myself so many questions,
  • how does it feel to graduate
  • when i get my awards what will i say, will i tell them i am Nigerian?? abi make i just keep queit when that mumu muttalab don spoil ground so.
  • will i be too excited to celebrate??
  • then is it back to the work force again now??

for those of you that dont know i am working on my Masters in Health Sciences (OT) and i can say nothing but I LOVE IT!!! cant wait to be practical with it.


Ok last year God blessed me so much that i cannot recount my blessings, He has being so good to me, i went to places i did not think i would reach even without working and getting a paycheck, Amazing init??

even during all my visits to all those cities, except for one, i did not have to pay for accomodation AT ALL, is that not favour, THANK GOD. i will not list all the places i went to but one place i enjoyed the most and would go back in a heartbeat if i had the chance was the great land of Nigeria, nna that city called Lagos is a place to be anytime.

the city although still struggling with electricity and crime and indisciplined people, it is a great place to be.

  • ok people went clubbing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, is that not insane??? yeap they did it, popping bottles like it was coke, one pplace i went to that i enjoyed was KOKOLOUNGE which from the name you will know belongs to DBANJ, it is not a large place but it is on point, comedy night every wednesday and so many other things, lovely place.

  • ok the governor Raji Fashola, is doing good, i went from Ikorodu to festac to visit someone and back under 3 hours even with staying over at the person's house for over 30 mins, i used to know that road and if u had to do anything after Oshodi, u had to dedicate the whole day to the trip but now, see how fast it went, really impressed me.

  • there were traffic lights in places that seemed important to have them, but the problem with them was that when there was power failure they did not work, and that meant traffic everwhere because of impatient people.

  • ok one thing that got on my last nerve was customer service in public places and banks most especially, chei, they have terrible customer service in banks, especially a big bank,, which i will not mention their names. I went in to take out some money and they weree treating me like i was coming in to beg for money or something, i was so pissed off GAA LEE, not to talk of other customers, who do not even give u privacy space when u are banking, they are all up in your space and all up on your behind, i felt like a rape victim, harrased and treated bad on top my own money (no offence to rape victims).

ok so i came back to the airport people harrasing me because of that MUMU MUTTALAB, why would u want to blow up yourself with so much faaji (parry life) in lagos and abuja, that was a foolish decision, at least if u feel like being wasted go there and spend ur papa money. Nonsense and Ingredients.

ok so i came back to real life and now school is almost over, cant wait, just cant, i remember when i got in and now i am almost out??? Thank you Lord. i will try my best ot continue to update sha, hope every one is doing great thos, have a blessed week ahead.