Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello blogville, how have u guys been?? I really know I have missed a lot of actions and stuff which I am not too happy about but it was not my fault at all, I had a lot of things going on for me all at once and all. But seriously I have missed browsing through peoples’ pages and finding gist and then having a laugh about it or something. I have been trying to come back for the last few weeks but my summer school classes are kicking my behind, I am taking four classes this summer although not all of them are crazy tough, there are two of them that are like taking 4 classes at once. But anyways, I would not claim to be fully back but I will try my best to be back to “regular” blogging as much as I can.

A lot of things have transpired in my life that I am not sure if to share it all here or not, I think the best I would do, would be to give as much info as I am very comfortable with because I know some people that know who I am and know my blog but they don’t want to tell me, but I put info and info together and I know they know this is my blog, to those people “ you don’t have to continue to hide, just relate to me on all levels lets, it would be much better for all of us”.

But anyways let me start from somewhere, my second semester in grad school which ended in April was tough but I got through it by the grace of God. I was taking like five classes and my grades were excellent to the best of my knowledge, except for one called neuroscience, that was a very interesting class just did not like getting tested on it, I enjoyed the material a lot, maybe because of the fact that it had to do with the human body and that you can prove why this is affected after an insult to a different part of the body, it is so lovely. Ok let me give some non science students some knowledge. Did u know that the brain’s hemisphere controls the contra lateral part of the body? I.e. the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body; although some functions are ipsilateral (same side) most of the major functions are controlled on the opposite side. Isn’t that cool? ….awesome ……God is great. So if you see someone who has a stroke and he or she cannot lift their right extremities (limbs), what part of the brain is affected? Another thing that I enjoyed about the spring semester was that although cold at the beginning it did warm up towards the end of the semester and I am so in love with warm weather you have no idea…

I love my department in school, the teachers are ALWAYS willing to help you get through stuff you do not know and they will always be willing to stay behind to help no matter how bad your brains seems to be dull… not that I am saying I am dull but I remember when I was in UNIversity of LAGos, the lecturers just came to class did not yell over you guys voices, gave three hours lectures by dictating notes and then left and did not want to be disturbed by any students, what ever you did not know or get you have to study it yourself and understand, I now know why God took me away from there, not that my GPA was very terrible just that I know I would have not finished with a first class. God knows why he took me away from that place and the course I was studying, which is for now, to me, irrelevant to the Nigerian community until we seat up, I had a buddy then who is very smart, first class candidate, best in the class finished two years ago and has not gotten a job till now. I know he is getting frustrated and all now, but every time I talk to him, I try my best to console him, but as una know there is very little I can do to appease him. I pray he finds a job that is in God’s plan for his life really soon…AMEN.

Ok in May I took a lovely vacation to the west coast, it was off the chain!!!! I went to see some of my family members (three families) I had never seen before and got to know them a little bit. For the first family, It was very awkward at first but as time went on it became sooo cool, I cannot not explain it, but it ended awkward again because I did not want to leave and they sensed that I did not want to leave too, so you know that kind of, I think implicit atmosphere and all, but I met a lot of new people, Nigerian up coming artists and most of all got to tour the beautiful city of San Francisco. That city is one crazy city, the roads in the main city are like you are going on a rollercoaster, up down, curvy and all. But the thing about it is that it is always cool, no matter what, hot in the day but chilly at night… nice weather. Some of the attractions I got to see were the mighty golden gate bridge, the curviest street in the world (Lombard Street) and so on. Then I had to leave, I went on to another part of the gay state, the main gay city Los Angeles. It was fun riding there, got there and met two more families one very very special family and some more cousins, I felt very special meeting those people and I realized that those people are actually really special to me. Then one night while in my deepest tots, I started to realize that the friends I tot were very special and all to me and were always trying to impose their lives on me, were nothing on a scale of one to ten or even hundred, these people I just met were the people that really mattered, all others were counterfeits. Then I made up my mind to prioritize my priorities and some people were sent down the list some were just cut off completely, I don’t feel bad about it but now I really know the people that matter in my life. Thank God. Blood is thicker than water.

It is not as if I am basing my life on the family members I just met, because they are human they will surely disappoint but every one around me now just has LEVELS…lol. I enjoyed, my two weeks off of school in that state and then came back to school for summer school, which has taken up all my time and all.

I am starting to realize that nobody can love your life for you, so I have gradually started taking initiatives to enjoy my life even while still in school and all. I have started working out everyday either play a sport or just lift weights. I started off loosing some weight, I lost like eight or ten pound then I started to build up, now I have gained six pounds back and it is not fat….I hope, I just cant wait to have the muscle definition at least once in my life, even if it would mean for me to just take the pix, hang it on the wall and become fat, I just want to see my linea alba at least for once…lol

The more I learn about occupational therapy, the more I fall in love with it, it is an AWESOME career choice for anybody who likes to play a lot and have fun. The more I look into it the more I know why God chose it for me, because on my own I would have not been able to pick this career choice out. I would have gone with something like computer science or IT and I would have HATED it because I would have had a routine job which is not just me, with occupational therapy you do not have a routine job, it changes daily except if you choose not to be up to date on your stuff. There are many places you can work at. You could choose to work in the medical field, work with athletes in the sports arena, work with older people, and work with kids and adults with developmental delays and anywhere you think you can advocate for the necessity of occupational based therapy. I love my Job.

God has been good to me, he has blessed me with uncountable blessings, the last time I got a pay check was August last year (2008) and I have been surviving by His grace, doing things I never did while I was working and getting to know him more. Thank You Lord.

Don’t let me make you craze with writings, but I still have a lot to talk about but I will be writing about them as time goes on.