Friday, September 26, 2008


Friday, another end of the week, got to fixing my room and actually did some good things today in the abscence of classes. felt so much better from days before. Glory be to God.

Going to talk about some Nigerian news. first

The third mainland bridge which has being closed for the past 2 months would be reopened on sunday, september 28 at 12 midnight. The Minister of Transportation, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, who disclosed this at a press briefing on Friday in Abuja , put the total contract sum for the rehabilitation of the Third Mainland bridge at N762 million. CRAZY!! the bridge was closed down because some of the expansion points of the structure were loosing their integrity. she said the other aspects of the bridge would be looked into within the next one year to do more work, and urged lagosians to be cooperative. She also apologized to Lagosians for the disruption and inconviniences the last two months might have been to them.

I guess lagos will got its grove back now

A lagos based radio station, Coolfm might just loose all its fan base. becasue the last month has not being very cool for them, they lost three of their most influencial and fan attracting people, Olisa Adibua, Dan Foster and Chris ubosi. Dan who has being the heart of the morning ride to work for a few years now, was said to have being offered another job as the Head of Programmes at Inspiration FM, a new Lagos-based radio station reportedly owned by Intercontinental Bank's Erastus Akingbola. I guess he accepted their offer.

I wish both him and coolfm the best of Luck

The Nigerian singer Rymzo was shot on his way to abuja on the 18th of september. The dancehall king was shot in his right arm after his ride was attacked by robbers in benin. " i am still in a shock of disbelief" he said. he is recovering and receiving treatment from an undisclosed clinic in benin.

I wish him safe and fast recovery.

I heard from a source that Sean Kingston might be in Ogun state this independence season.
lets keep our fingers crossed

9ice finally on friday, shot the video for his famous song, Gongo aso. he said it would come out after studio work and might just be released on his VCD. Lets hope for the best.

Daddy fresh has a new album coming out. The 16 track album "would be released soon" he said

Finally, Kemistry of Rhythm Fm also quit and moved on to inspiration fm. I guess the radio station is taking over Big time, with all these employment of the industry's shakers and movers. Fingers crossed, lets see what they have to show for it.

have a great week end and remember, God is the incorruptable Judge.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Woke up today at a few minuutes to eight, and then looked around the room, "what happened, what has been going on in my room? i loosing my mind, everywhere is a mess and even my small kitchen has dishes all over the place!!"

Has the week been that stressful or am i just being very lazy now? i mean my room was until last week the envy of my friends that they all wanted to come live with me, because it was too neat.!!!

Am i hitting quarter life crisis? but wait that would be too freaking early....hmmnn i still have years to go, even if it was, are these the symptoms? so many tots ...

my school week ended today, so i am going shopping with the little money i got from an uncle and also lay down a little afterwards to calm my brain. The whole week was nice, got to be motivated by some friends to continue a work out plan.

The devil tried so many times this week but i would only say he was able to get me once, but i would not let that one time over power me as "He that is in me is Greater than he that is in the world". So get thee behind me satan!!!

God please forgive me and continue to make me stronger than my temptations. AMEN

Sad day for Nigerian broadcasters as they lost one of their ogbontarigis (significant figures) to cancer. Olayinka Babasanya Craig, as he is officially known lost his months long battle with cancer in Mayo clinic, Rochester Minnesota. the battle which lasted about two years did not, until his death affect his jovial persona or his love for sports.

He was a pioneer radio and television broadcaster, sports journalist extraordinaire and a national icon. He was one of Nigeria's foremost broadcasters and he worked with Nigerian Television authority. Earlier this year the Lagos state Government gave his family, fifteen million naira (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars) to aide the payment for the stem cell transplant he came for in the USA.

he is survived by his wife, Dr Kehinde, his sons, Dr. Olamide, Mr. Olayinka and a daughter, Temilola.

I guess God's timing is always best. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Word of knowledge: Love is not a choice, it is a comandment. Pastor Odukoya.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a day!

Woke up at eight am after hitting the snooze on my alarm like a million times. ok got up and noticed that my right arm was seriously hurting from trying to give blood yesterday and and also my tummy was hurting from a gym abs class i had a day before, which i need as my tummy is like that of a pregnant woman. all i needed was to take some medicine but i couldn't because i had a spiritual plan for the day....painful.

Class was kind of fun, got to class early, my first lecture was from a lecturer who taught foundations of occupational therapy and was always sacarstic, so i was able to laugh over the pain a little and while laughing, i was feeling the pains in my tummy. went back to my room after my last class and had a great nap after taking some pain killers and woke up great only to get back to assignmens and stuff.

I have something bothering me, is it wrong for a woman to be head of a congregation? if you have an answer just post a comment please. Thanks God bless.

Monday, September 22, 2008

MY class

My class is a very funny one. did i ever mention that i am the only opposite sex in the class of forty people. which to me is very advantageous and could be vice versa also. i have to beg to be heard as i am the weaker sex....Gosh LOL

Ok my classes are going on well, getting some understanding by the grace of God, although still having some level of distinction problems, as in language of graduate school and scheme of work.

My first two tests have been good and still woking on improving, my other grade options have been maximized and i noticed that those other ones even count more than the tests. I got a place close to home for my First field work and i pray i continue to be favoured by God like this.

If you are reading this and you have not given your life to Jesus i suggest you do so, so me and you can have things in common and also share more testimonies.

Ok, now i have to go back to studying and try to accomplish some things tonite.

God is great.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greatest yet 2

So i went home and was very grateful to God.

For the next two days, i was expecting my letter of admission from the school but nothing came in the mail. I then woke up on friday and headed back to the school, with gas prices so high i just had to risk a full tank of gas. Got there and went into the admission office, where i met the "helper" and he said he has been meaning to call me for two day that i needed to bring my transcript from the college i went to in naija before he could accept me.

Wow two days, i thought, and classes start on monday???

I told him i cannot get the transcript in 2 days from naija. and then he said "i cannot help you then".

I almost started crying, but i thought "i serve a living God and he has the hearts of kings and queens in his hands, God please make me laugh out of here".

so i went out side and prayed and he answered before i came back, a company that evaluates international results had my result from the college and he, "the helper' called them and they faxed it over to him. i was very happy and this happened (shocking).

OT; thank God

Helper: "Who is God, He has nothing to do with this, i did this..."

OT: (farted in his pants and thought "what did he just say") "thank you helper, thank God too."

Still astonished by what he had just said, left the office to go outside and thank God.
by this time my time piece was saying 5.30 pm and i had a prayer meeting to lead in church for 7.00 pm.. "How would i do that without gettin a ticket"??? God dey

As i stormed back into the office to see what was happening, the helper reluctantly gave me a paper to sign and he said that was my admission letter. thanked him again and then stormed out of the office to be on my way.

Headed back to town and get to the prayer meeting just in time to meet the grace (end of the prayer session),

Thank God for a Great day in his presence and knowing he still loves me.

whatever you are looking for God will give to you this week, even if he has to use a non christian. AMEN.
God bless you

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family day

Today was family day in my school. A day when we as aspiring occupational therapists bring our families to school for them to see us take the occupational therapist creed and also bring a special someone to put on the occupational therapist badge on our chests.

Another feature of the day is poster presentation where we make posters to show to our families about areas in which occupational therapists can work examples are acute care, low vision clinics school systems and so on.

"...... don't worry they will get a good job right out of school and make good money..." those were the words of my department chair, which brought a lot of relieve to parents as they started clapping and cheering. That brought me to thinking, is going to school all about making money and not happiness or what God called you to do, to these people or just a form of relieve since most people don't know what occuaptional therapists do and job chances?? hmnn... i guess i would know the answer someday.

I am loving my Career choice already, I know by the grace of God i would not dislike where i would work or who i would work with because i have hope in Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Hope as you read this you have the same hope as i do in Christ Jesus. God bless you.