Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greatest yet 2

So i went home and was very grateful to God.

For the next two days, i was expecting my letter of admission from the school but nothing came in the mail. I then woke up on friday and headed back to the school, with gas prices so high i just had to risk a full tank of gas. Got there and went into the admission office, where i met the "helper" and he said he has been meaning to call me for two day that i needed to bring my transcript from the college i went to in naija before he could accept me.

Wow two days, i thought, and classes start on monday???

I told him i cannot get the transcript in 2 days from naija. and then he said "i cannot help you then".

I almost started crying, but i thought "i serve a living God and he has the hearts of kings and queens in his hands, God please make me laugh out of here".

so i went out side and prayed and he answered before i came back, a company that evaluates international results had my result from the college and he, "the helper' called them and they faxed it over to him. i was very happy and this happened (shocking).

OT; thank God

Helper: "Who is God, He has nothing to do with this, i did this..."

OT: (farted in his pants and thought "what did he just say") "thank you helper, thank God too."

Still astonished by what he had just said, left the office to go outside and thank God.
by this time my time piece was saying 5.30 pm and i had a prayer meeting to lead in church for 7.00 pm.. "How would i do that without gettin a ticket"??? God dey

As i stormed back into the office to see what was happening, the helper reluctantly gave me a paper to sign and he said that was my admission letter. thanked him again and then stormed out of the office to be on my way.

Headed back to town and get to the prayer meeting just in time to meet the grace (end of the prayer session),

Thank God for a Great day in his presence and knowing he still loves me.

whatever you are looking for God will give to you this week, even if he has to use a non christian. AMEN.
God bless you

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