Thursday, September 25, 2008


Woke up today at a few minuutes to eight, and then looked around the room, "what happened, what has been going on in my room? i loosing my mind, everywhere is a mess and even my small kitchen has dishes all over the place!!"

Has the week been that stressful or am i just being very lazy now? i mean my room was until last week the envy of my friends that they all wanted to come live with me, because it was too neat.!!!

Am i hitting quarter life crisis? but wait that would be too freaking early....hmmnn i still have years to go, even if it was, are these the symptoms? so many tots ...

my school week ended today, so i am going shopping with the little money i got from an uncle and also lay down a little afterwards to calm my brain. The whole week was nice, got to be motivated by some friends to continue a work out plan.

The devil tried so many times this week but i would only say he was able to get me once, but i would not let that one time over power me as "He that is in me is Greater than he that is in the world". So get thee behind me satan!!!

God please forgive me and continue to make me stronger than my temptations. AMEN

Sad day for Nigerian broadcasters as they lost one of their ogbontarigis (significant figures) to cancer. Olayinka Babasanya Craig, as he is officially known lost his months long battle with cancer in Mayo clinic, Rochester Minnesota. the battle which lasted about two years did not, until his death affect his jovial persona or his love for sports.

He was a pioneer radio and television broadcaster, sports journalist extraordinaire and a national icon. He was one of Nigeria's foremost broadcasters and he worked with Nigerian Television authority. Earlier this year the Lagos state Government gave his family, fifteen million naira (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars) to aide the payment for the stem cell transplant he came for in the USA.

he is survived by his wife, Dr Kehinde, his sons, Dr. Olamide, Mr. Olayinka and a daughter, Temilola.

I guess God's timing is always best. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Word of knowledge: Love is not a choice, it is a comandment. Pastor Odukoya.

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