Thursday, June 17, 2010


hello out there!!

How is every one doing? i have been away for a long time because of rotations, it is kinda tough i must say, it is challenging, as well educative. I have learnt a lot from my rotation site, even tho my supervisor and I were having a rough relationship at first. now it has gottten better, now when i look back at what was causing it, I realize that it was 2 people's ego clashing together, hers was that she wanted to boss me around and tell me what to do and not to do (which would have been right if she did not put so much authority into it and made it a learning and correction atmosphere), my ego was just pride, useless pride, in which I am still praying to God to help me subdue. Thank God for his mercies.
Ok, July is looking like an ugly month for me in the sense that i have so many things due in such little time, arrggghh, i know i will feel so much better after the month is over, but for now i will just need to suck it up and face my giants.

I have been struggling a lot and i mean a lot with my christian life, i have been there i know what God can do for me, but now getting back to where i used to be has bin a very veryy tough ride. I struggle with a lot of things, try to fight it but just find my self falling back to where I was before. there are many issues i need to pray about ask God for directions, but sometimes i feel like i am not worthy enough for him to listen to me. God help me.

I have lost touch with keeping up with naija entertainment news, blogs and all things naija, well still up to date with some music, thanks to notjustOk, but for the rest, i just dont have the time. i feel saddened by this, but hey life goes on.

I will try to continue to update but if not, will be back sometime soon. Peace.