Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow it has been tee - ree months since i typed a post on blogville, nna mehn, how time flies. Ok let me start with props...

Merry chrcistmas and Happy new year to all my followers and also people that have dropped by my blog one time or the other. i say congratulations for crossing into a new and beautiful year!!.

This year, Would be a wonderful year to y'all (i live in the south) and may God grant y'all favour in the name of his son Jesus. AMEN!!

Ok last year ended beautiful for me and this year has started wonderful with many more still to come in Jesus name.

My school resumed on the third day of the year, and since then it has assignment and projects and all. loving it tho except for the part that i dont have textbooks yet, na Bush cause am, bad economy...chei he should come to my state let me show him what shoe throwing looks like.... at least now he is not a president again

This christmas had mixed feelings in it as i wanted to go to naija but i could not, i know many people went and they all had fun. *sob*

I see that Cap baby too has been off for a while, but is now back (have not read ur posts), and yes 9jaot is back. i miss you baby (hope ur boy is not mad oo)

Danny, how are ur exams going? Best of God's favour mehn.

Ok i want to introduce una people to latest blogger, My sister. she just started bloggin and anytime u need inspiration just go to her site, she is the bomb (not like osama bomb oo). i call her when i am down and she helps me climb back up, always there to talk to me except when she is with "chief". Pray she is a better inspiration to you guys.

OK, i saw that Cap baby tagged me in two truth and one lie game. make i see, can i do this.

My mother went back to take an exam hours after popping me out.

I work out alot

I have crossed Nigerian border by foot before.

Now to tagg people, even if u have being tagged before

Cap baby



Chris, i know u but u dont know who i am, funny in'it,

badder, i enjoy reading ur blog, lol.

Guess the rules are very well publicized.. but for emphasis, you have to tell us three things about yrself -- two truths and one lie, tag other people.... and some time in the future, you'll let us know which was which -- after we have guessed our brains up and down.....

Ok now, back to real life. talk to y'all later


Cappuccine Baby said...

mr man, nawa o, I was beginning to think you had been kidnapped or something lmao, happy new year darlz! glad you're back! now off to check ur sis' blog :)

MissLove said...

thanks 4 stopping by...n thanks 4 the addvice :) lol happy new yr to you!

Danny Bagucci said...

9ja's OT -- Good to have you back on here........ Hmm.. Now that's the third time in a week that I'm going to get tagged -- and i have not revealed the answers on the first one yet... So guess I'll just do two more tags in future.. When the exams are over of course... LOL.....Happy new year too...

9ja's OT said... weapon fashioned formed designed against me shall, i have missed the ville sha

@danny thanx for stopping by, wish u the best. people gbadun u na y den tag

@ML thanks for coming through here.

i feel loved and feels great to be back on here!!

AlooFar said...

Can I have your email please, before I do this tag?