Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank God

How is everybody? i have being off here for a very long time and i felt it too lol.

My weeks have being very busy and mad rush to finish home work and stuff.

ok through out last week i was having emotional battles and i was very affected. i did not want to talk to anyone just wanted to be alone at home not crying but just down. i started to doubt my christian race started to feel like God had forgotten me, i started to question what was in it for me and stuff like that.

imagine i started to think maybe there was no God and maybe i determined my own destiny at that too because i was so below down it was not funny. But i know my redeemer lives.

my account was empty, my debts were piling up and nobody seemed to care, so i wanted to just be alone. wanted to apply for a job but one of my references said something to me that made me just forget it, mad me feel useless. (words to people are very dangerous, be careful how u use them,you dont know where it would hit)

then on saturday, i just looked up and prayed to God to please forgive me for all my sins and help me and not let me die since i had not eaten and the last time i eat was thursday around two pm. then i just felt peaceful and slept off.

By sunday, around twelve (did not go to church, but was watching it online) in the afternoon someone knocked my door and i was thinking of not answering but i just got up and did it anyway, it was my friend. this my friend is in medical school. this my friend has being the person that had always motivated me to be a christian. we prayed every morning together(not in the last one week), go out together and stuff. so the person came by and ask if i wanted to go out to a single's luncheon. and all of a sudden i was excited and i said yes. on our way, the person handed me an envelope and said that was for me. it had MONEY in it. and i asked "wat for"
"oh i tot i should just give it to you" God has blessed me so why not". i was dumbfounded, shocked and almost started crying.

Immediately i was alone i started to apologise to God and thank Him for what he had done again, even though i did not deserve it.

I am very thankful to God for blessing me again, even at the nick of time. His time is always perfect.

Another testimony from 9jaot, God is good and He is alive, dont ever for once ever doubt his existence. He is the greatest father you can ever have.

If you have not given your life to Jesus and u are going through a lot, Try him and see, He is the unchangeable changer. King of Kings, lord of lords.

on a lighter mood. this happened some years back and made me think, why not be happy no matter wat happens to you. see this too.

He is great.

ok i am having a crush on someone special. people keep your fingers crossed, might just invite you to the wedding. LOL

Thank you all for reading.


Danny Bagucci said...

Cool... If I remember in the bible it says somewhere that "Before u call, he answers" right? Thankfully there was someone willing o be used by God to be a blessing to someone else.. Good stuff...

9ja's OT said...

thankn Bagucci, yes he always answers oo, no matter how late we might think it is , he is the perfectionist.
thanks for following my blog!!


"why not be happy..."

I like that advise. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

D2EWJ said...

Happy new year!!