Sunday, January 25, 2009

one lie and two correct yarns...

these are my responses:

My mother went back to take an exam hours after popping me out. this is so true, my mother was studying for her finals when she went into labor and was rushed to the hospital, she got to the hospital and popped me out and handed me over to my grandma and then went back to study before she took the exam, strong uhhn, yeap i say that too all the time. she did all this in two hours.

I work out alot. False..ha ha you should see me, i see people working out and i am fatigued for, i have a trim body except for my stomach but i dont work out.

I have crossed Nigerian border by foot before. True yeap i have gone to Benin republic by foot before through cotonou and it was fun. nice memories.

now i was tagged again by Titobabe, i would respond to that when i make up 2 truths and a lie again


Danny Bagucci said...

can't believe i didn't actaully make a guess on this meme.. silly from me.. anyways your ma is a real strong woman.... that must have gotten your own cranial juices pumping too....

Olufunke said...

Your mum is a supper woman!
How are you?
I wouldnt have known you that was a truth