Monday, October 6, 2008

the week..

Ok my week started good and i have been up all night trying to veiw blogs.....OMG there are so many naija blogs out there it is not even funny, so many gbeboruns(gossips) and so many to even categorize from the 18+ to the SU's, just too numerous. God dey.

Ok now over the weekend i have being throwing up and scratching all over my body because of a picture i saw on nairaland, it is a disgusting pix, i dont care if it was photoshoped or not, they should think of ajebutters like me when making things like this, i have being freaking out even when i think of it. i mean that is somebody's body.

School has being going on great and loving it too, hope you all scholars can say the same thing. Making you parents choose you career for you is so ninteen forties, dont let them make u unhappy because they are paying your fees, focus on you. please ehn.

a little info on me:

i like comedies,

i am the best cook ever ..... testimonies not bragging

i have a big stomach

i am a scholar, in school lol

my best movie is coming to america

my best song now is amazing grace,

my best naija song is e mara mma by saro wiwa and naeto c, i think i have played it 234,451 times.

best line .....hey hey.....giri giri giri giri wayo/ every man no be kanayo kanayo.....

I attended UNILAG for almost three years,

what else,

dont like american songs, maybe when they make sense to me,

they talk about hood and hustle, yeah right, naija is the main hustle, there is no food stamps or medicaid for poor pple and no house. i bet those guys will die in like a week of being in naija. SERIOUSLY!!

hmmn maybe i would put more when i think of it.

have a blessed week.


Cappuccine Baby. said...

aww, the picture you are talking about, is it one breast picture?

notjustok said...

that pic is very disturbing... extremely... 9ice blog and good luck in school and ur endeavors.

O thanks for the link on ur blog too.

9ja's OT said...

@cap, yes it is , i have gotten over the throwing up but still freaking out.. arrrgghhh!!!

@Mola you are welcome, too gbadun your blog. i know you know who i am.

Cappuccine Baby. said...

ahhhh! when i saw it i felt ill for a whole week, gosh! I did some serious scratching, kai!

9ja's OT said...

LMYO!!! i still dey scratch small small sef.