Tuesday, October 7, 2008

test ooo...

ok tomorow i have a test so i should be studying now but guess what!!!! yeah u got it right.

ok today i am looking forward to have a break from school this weekend and refresh my brain but guess what? i have so many assignments and so many stuff to do, i would just have to push my rest till later.

Now i am just typing as it comes to my head so bear with me. i heard that our great basketmouth just bought a house in the Victoris island district of Lagos, and it was reportedly worth one hundred million naira, after he got a globacom endorsement, when asked if it was true, he just cracked a joke and waived the question stylishly, smart uhhnn? i like him jare, i hope it is true because that ,means he has being "doing good" lol. i love his comedy shows and would go to one when i go to naija, the one i recently saw was this.

ok gat to go now, i still have studying to do.

thank you for stoping by y'all


Cappuccine Baby. said...

my friend, you berra go and cook those your textbooks in oil, add maggii make you chop am well o, kia kia

hope you do well on your test!

Yewande Atanda said...

basket is living large here. i believe the info is correct.