Friday, October 24, 2008


In less than two weeks, history would be made in america, as you all know there are two historical party nominees, first one is Obama, barack, A forty eight year old mullato whose parents hail from kenya and USA. He was born in hawaii and made his way to senate house in chicago bla bla bla.. then chose an older guy to be his vice president Joe Biden.

the other guy his name is Mccain John, he was born in 1936 ( even my grandma calls him old) got into the army then into the house of senate in arizona bla bla bla and Chose a Woman to be his vice president, Sarah Palin

but now lets kinda talk about the women behind these men, cindy and michelle.

Michelle Robinson Obama.

January 17, 1964

she was executive director and now vice president of community and external affairs for the university of chicago medical center.

she got her bachelor's degree in sociology from princeton university (gbese, debt). she is also a graduate of Harvard law school (another gbese), where she received her juris doctor degree in 1988.

they got married in1992, and now have two daughters Malia, 1999 and Natasha, 2001.

Cindy Lou Hensley McCain.

May 20 1954.

she is the chair of hensley and Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the nation. she has bachelor's degree in education and masters in secial education for the university of south california.

they got married in 1980 and have two sons and a daughter Meghan 1984, John 1986, James 1988 and an adopted fourth child Bridget from bangladesh in 1991.

Questions to ponder:

Now do you think they would change the colour of 1600 pennsylvania avenue if the minority nominee wins?

Do you think McCain combs his own hair?

Do you think the chewing gum would ever help Obama quit smoking?


Cappuccine Baby said...

Obama Smokes!? Why didn't I know that? Lol, I don't think McCain combs his hair o :D

stuck in my throat o said...

So what if he smokes, it is his own propensity.
He is BIRACIAL not mullato (sorry for correcting you).
I wish whoever wins the absolute best.
America's politics is alien to my life.

9ja's OT said...

@ stuck
hmnn...the last time i checked the words both meant the same thing?
check your dictionary meanings.

AlooFar said...

lol @ Gbese, gbese!

The most deserving candidate should win. Period.

Anonymous said...

If he thinks chewing gum will help him stop smokin, he should wake up and realise america needs to be saved!lol... am personally indifferent to whoever wins