Saturday, February 13, 2010


why is this girl doing this?
she knew it would not work out, she knew she had a boyfriend, she pretended, lied, cheated on her Boyfriend, faked and most of all showed herself as a figure of dishonor to me, now she just disgusts me.
Why would you in the first place deceieve all of us, lie to your parents, your aunties, uncles cousin (which i believe knows the truth), dang the list is too long.
I was really going to see if we could make it work out for both of us again and i knew it was trust that i was lacking for you, i still like you, well almost everything about you, just trust because you deceived me in the past. i was trying to see how we can make it work, talked to you and you even promised, but u had a different motive, you never dissapoint sha.
I feel like calling you very many names and insults but i never feel great after i insult someone and i know you will be someone's wife and some kids' mother someday. so I will just preserve the tiny little dignity i perceive you have left and try not to see you as a slut on this day and on your wedding day but see you as someone's daughter and wife.
Make sure you invite me for that day and i will surely come by God's grace. Now that you have gone back to him, wat do you really want from me?? travel? money? wat is it? no clue but i know one day i will find out. this is not a bitter post i just have one regret, i should have never listened to your plea and just kept you as a friend...I will still continue to call you ENIGMA anyday.


onosetale(damsel) said...

I am sorry that you got hurt. The 'enigma' you are talking about will eventually do the same thing to the man she is with. I hope you find the strength to move on and guard your heart. Enjoy ur vals day.

Myne Whitman said...

It's a pity but you're right. There's nothingn to be gained from insults and quarrels so just waka with your dignity. All the best.