Friday, October 16, 2009

the week

This week has been very good as it flew by very quickly, we had a clinical rotations week in school and i was posted to a school BOE, which composed of various schools. so me and the person i was attached to had to drive around a lot in order to see various students in their educative environs, it was different as i got to see very maany pediatric diagnosis and worked with them

My school is going on great and i am looking forward to graduation, i just cant wait for the graduation season to begin and God should put my name on my school's list, i am looking forward to it a lot. this is my last full semester in Grad school and excited is not the word to describe it..God help me.

sometimes i want to talk about many things on this blog as they happen to me but either i am away from a computer or i am just too lazy to get on the PC and type away and by the time i am ready i have forgotten half or all of it.

there are so many things in life that young people want to talk about but either we are too shy to talk about it or we dont have someone to talk about it to (me).
I was doing my blog roll call (which i have not done in a loooooong time) and i came across numerous blogs of people that just spit their minds like they think, and i think that is just awesome, when u have an avenue to speak your mind and get other people's opinion while still keeping your sanity and not paying some therapist 100 bucks an hour to hear you cry.....reminds me of one George Lopez episodes, i watched where he went to visit a therapist and when he left the therapist's office, the therapist needed a therapist

i came across some posts that were about life's struggles, sexual struggles (tell me about it), relationships, and so many.
I think i would be blogging more and opening my mind more through this avenue.....just need dedication. and somebody pray for me if you care.
Thank you for stopping by

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UnderCover07 said...

The good Lord will see u thru!

Yup, sometimes I'm a bit hesitant about wat I write on my blog, but other times am like whatever.
It's nice to see people be free with their speech however random it might be, it'll mke sense to one person.

Write on...write away...!!!