Friday, October 2, 2009

This man built a house, raised 2 graduates selling chewing sticks

It sounds incredible that somebody could build a house and train children up to the university level, selling common chewing stick {pako}. But, this is true of a popular chewing stick seller in Akure ,Ondo State, Peter Ngwu, who has been in the business for over 30 years.

Ngwu, 63, said despite meagre returns, he has trained two of his children to university level.The Ebonyi State- born father of five children said in an interview with Daily Sun that contrary to the view that whoever was dealing in his kind of business was a wretched man, he has been in the business for over three decades and made a success of it.

Baba pako as he is popularly called by his teeming customers said he had built his own house and trained his children to university level adding that : “I am still training the remaining three, I give glory to God”On how he became a chewing stick seller, Ngwu said he was a successful business man dealing in kitchen utensils with a store at Arakale area. “I was doing fine in the business until I was robbed by an armed robbery syndicate at upper Uwenka in Onitsha many years back, Baba pako said, saying that the robbers carted away all his money meant to purchase goods to replenish his store at gun point in Onitsha.

The development ruined him financially.He was jobless for a long time, before a friend came to introduce the chewing stick business to him. “When he mentioned the business, I felt bad and I thought in my mind that how come somebody who was dealing in kitchen utensils in a big form would suddenly become a chewing stick seller. But, when there was no hope of getting money to continue the business, I didn’t have option than to accept the offer”He said his friend gave him some money to start the business and after sometime the business gradually boomed. Ngwu said at a stage he used to make between N700 and N1000 profit per day.

Baba pako gets his bulk supplies from Calabar for both whole and retail sales in Akure.He explained this : “It is very scarce to get the sticks here in Ondo State, but in Calabar, they plant them in large quantities, because they take it as a big time business, unlike in Ondo State.Ngwu advised jobless youths to embark on cottage business that could keep them busy rather than engaging on unwholesome acts capable of ruining their lives.

I just posted this story to show that u can become successful in wateva u pray and put your mind to. nothing is a ridiculous job or career.

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