Friday, July 17, 2009

random tots

> i have had a very nice year so far, went on trips i never bargained for

>i have been stressed out from school lately

> dont know when i will really fall in love again, i deal with many opposite sex everyday but i have not really felt like it to them.

> why was my ex stilll begging to come back even though a new mate has entered the scenario

> why cant i just relax and have nothing on my mind for like 48 hours

> i thank God everyday for safe journey mercies and life.

> why do people behave very weird sometimes and play it as if you are the weird one, (is it bcos i am weird ;(

>sometimes i feel cut out from the world, but is it just me?

> i am loving the weather right now and dreading the winter months already.

> cannot wait to finish school and have a real focus and goalsssss

>always wishing to be a better christian

>why cant you just focus on your son that u were never in his life than racing after his mother, you are married for heaven's sake

>why is there no world peace

> when would nigeria really be lit up....#lightupnigeria (follow the movement on twitter)

>why did that journalist attack naija artists? did his wife annoy him???

> i am still missing NewYork

>thank God for everything i have been through

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