Friday, July 17, 2009

Common sense and Y

The Greatest Struggle Is with YourselfThe greatest struggle in your life is not with society; it is with yourself..... Whatever you are, there is something to blame in today’s society: “I shot my parents, but it wasn’t my fault.” You yourselves have lived through this.

Please understand: In this society, my greatest challenge is 9jaot, your greatest challenge is you. And if you can make you better, you will make this society better. Please don’t buy the rhetoric that the external is the problem.

In a free and affluent country like this, we are the problem.

Trust Your Common Sense
Mark Twain was right when he said, “Common sense isn’t common.” Nevertheless, please use this great gift of God, your common sense, when, outside of the natural sciences, you hear the words, “studies show,” and you find that the studies show the opposite of what common sense suggests.Nearly always studies either substantiate common sense or they are wrong.

That is a general rule of life. That doesn’t mean, don’t take studies seriously. It means take common sense most seriously.The greatest of the “studies” is the study of life, not some abstract study. Keep studying it, and trust your common sense

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