Thursday, April 16, 2009

where have i been??

nna mehn, the stress level of school is more than i anticipated and i have just being bugged down with a lot of paper work, practicals and exams. I knew school was demanding but not this much, wow, well i will look to the bright side i have only two and a half semesters left to finish, Praise God, How time flies.
thanks to all those that have tried to reach me to come back and blog, Heaven will not leave you people too. AMEN

NNA mehn, occupational therapy is a fun career, if you are the kind of person that would not like a routine schdule for your career choice, then you might want to look into this field of study. LOVING IT.

i have a lot to blog about, but as time goes on i would be letting blogville in on some of the numerous developments and stories i have.

I get off from school in two weeks so i will have some time to type for long and all.

Buut this is a video on lagos and the planned city EKO- ATLANTIC.. enjoy


Cappuccine Baby said...

welcome back sweets, missed you die! :)

9ja's OT said...

I missed you too, how have u been? how is ur end? TTYsoon