Tuesday, April 21, 2009

comedy and rantings

Ok my weekend was nice, kind off
I went to a drive in movie theater to watch Monsters Vs aliens, and it was mad fun, you sit in your car and watch a very big screen while the tune is transmitted to you through your car radio, i loved it and you only pay seven dollars for two movies, also did a few of my school work and still have a lot to do
i have been feeling somehow with my health, i have to squint now to kinda read things that are far away, i wonder if it is because i stay in front of computers too much...hmnn

i have started growing facial hair, and i dont like it, i know i am kinda too old to just start doing that but hey people always say i look sixteen and these facial hair would just change their notion and i dont really like that. i want to look young...like on sunday i went to play tennis in the community park and some high school boys thought that i was their mate, i had to tell them my age before they gave me some respect, but hey i still love my young face.

I have not being very good with my sppiritual life lately, i have slacked a
little bit
nope, a lot actually, i wont say it is anybody's fault but mine, i have just not been up to par not been myself, i would blame it on fatigue from school work and just lack of motivation and all.

pls if u read this pray for me, so i can be a better person than even as i was before. Thank you.

This week my finals started and the first one was aiight, i am suppose to be studying now for the next one and i am here..because i am just too fatigued from the semester, i really dont feel like reading at all. i cant wait for the semester break so that i can refil my motivation.
Hope y'all have a great week and pray for me, yourself, the country you are and the great land of NIGERIA.

see this comedy skit, i never saw that coming...lol


Cappuccine Baby said...

OMG, I recently watched Monsters Vs Aliens too, funny movie :D

Lol facial hair huh, sometimes it looks nice na :D

Good luck with your exams dear!

RocNaija said...

Good luck with the exams..

Sometimes facial hair is a good look..

Might end up accentuating(?) you..

Omo Oba said...

lol, it took me like a fraction of a second to get the joke, and then rotfl! We all backslide on our relationship with Him, I know I am not where I want to be, and if not for Grace. All the best on them finals.

9ja's OT said...

thanks for the comments, i really did well on my exams thank God, hope you guys are doing great!!