Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dagrin and my in

ok as we all know, Nigerian music industry was hit on the 22nd of april by the sad news of the death of Dapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, aka Da Grin. He was 23 years old and had survived an accident that occured eight days earlier. he was admitted to the intensive care unit of Lagos university Teaching Hospital while in coma, but gradually came out of it and became vocal. People prayed for him and hoped he would get better but unfortunately he did not survive.

According to people around him his last words were "tell my fans i love them" ..DEEP STUFFS

Anyways people that rescued him from the site of the accident said that alcohol might have been a major factor left out of the story told to the general public. It was believed that Dagrin was drunk and also that the Maxima in which he was the driver had a bottle of alcohol in it when the crash happened. Sad sad.

I was reallly hurt by the story of his death and i was begining to ask God why he let it happen, that why did He let Travis baker survive a plane crash, let curtis Jackson survive 9 gun shots and not let this young man survive...but after i heard of the alcohol side of the story, i am now neutral and remorseful for the questions i have asked. God please forgive me.

I feel there is not enough campaign in Nigeria about the dangers of drunk driving, they need to campaign more about the dangers, spread the word, discourage it and reduce the amount of youth we loose each year to the demon called alcohol.

I know alcohol can be addictive and makes you free from worries, but is only for a while, it impairs ur judgement, makes u do stupid things and detroys your body organs, then if i may ask what is the benefit?? I wont say i have not drank before but i stopped when i was like 17, because of laws and because God gave me the wisdom to know that is is not good.

I think this incident should be an avenue for the alchohol companies in Nigeria to come together as one and agree on something and reduce the amount of youths we loose to alchohol.

Agree with the family, pay an amount use his story as a lesson and help the youths, it will go a long way, my two cents.


onosetale(damsel) said...

wow, i didn't know alcohol was involved. But either way I feel sorry that he died the way he did, because he waited for 10 days until he was finally seen by a doctor...

khasomi said...

Laws should be passed enforcing Brewries in Nigeria to include in their advert the dangers of alchol.The police should also be trained to use breathalisers to check for alcohol in drivers when they r stropped. but i know i'm just blowing hot air cos nja matter na serious prayer point. As 4 Dagrin i can only say "what a waste!

Anonymous said...

Useless piece of journalism. I wonder when having bottles of alcoholic drink in your car now tantamount to being drunk at the wheel. Reckless piece of lazy journalism. Instead of asking questions about why the car air bags (there ought to have been 8 in all) did work, when airbags are meant to prevent the kind of injury he sustained. Instead of investigating why there was a stationary vehicle in the middle of the road, and what kind of management company let such an A-list celebrity drive around town all alone at such a time.... you're focusing on hearsay.